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but immediately after gru heists the shrinkray, the cunning supernerd vector (jason segel) swoops in and es it right out of his hands. now, in order to claim the moon, gru must first . Vector (jason segel) introduces himself to gru (steve carell) and tells him about his many ideas and inventions. vector tries to make good first impression on gru by showing him one of his new . best of the minions part vector vs gru Despicable me (soundtrack) gru vs. vector composed by heitos pereira & pharrell williams ()

felonius gru is the main character of despicableme, despicableme , and despicableme , alongside mel and minor character in minions. he is often referred to by his surname gru, was formerly supervillain and jelly manufacturer and consultant for the antivillain league. born from the. Vector 'applying for villain loan. go by the name of vector. it'mathematical term, represented by an arrow with both direction and magnitude. vector! that'me, because commit crimes with both direction and magnituide. oh yeah! when gru learns of vector'heist, he plans an even greater heist to shrink and steal earth'moon. however, despite gru'villainous intentions, he grows increasingly touched by the girls' growing love for him and finds himself changing for the better because of it. released theatrically on july , in the united states, despicable me received positive reviews and grossed over $ . Vector (formerly victor perkins) is the main antagonist of despicableme. he is supervillain and the son of mr. perkins, the owner of the bank of evil. the upstart villain is famous for stealing the great pyramid of giza, and becomes gru'archenemy when he attempts to hijack the latter'plan. Sign in to add this to playlist. . despicable me introdusing "vector" category film & animation show more show less. loading. adver autoplay when autoplay is enabled, .

Vector lives in fortress with cameras and security weapons around his house. he is apparently proud of the place he lives and referred it as "fortress of vectortude" when he greets to margo and her sisters. there is an enormous tank with vector'unidentified shark inside (the top has .

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