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Despicable me'vector character describing what vector is. Vector (jason segel) introduces himself to gru (steve carell) and tells him about his many ideas and inventions. vector tries to make good first impression. all the funny stuff from vector in the despicable me. enjoy! rights belong to universal pictures and the writers of despicable me. this is my favorite scene =.

Vector (formerly victor perkins) is the main antagonist of despicableme. he is supervillain and the son of mr. perkins, the owner of the bank of evil. the upstart villain is famous for stealing the great pyramid of giza, and becomes gru'archenemy when he attempts to hijack the latter'plan. Vector 'applying for villain loan. go by the name of vector. it'mathematical term, represented by an arrow with both direction and magnitude. vector! that'me, because commit crimes with both direction and magnituide. oh yeah! Vector most likely remained on the moon after the events of despicableme, considering that the escape velocity there is about .km/, which would be impossible to reach without any equipment. even if he had escaped (for instance, using his suit), it is extremely likely that he couldn'live. Vectordespicablemevector halloween costume from despicableme. made it my very self. please observe. vectordespicableme obtain. next page popular posts. vector blue. vector blue vector blue heartshaped tag template png and vector. feb, . vector fisica. vector fisica the strategies of mive manipulation, according to noam chomsky. apr, . vector robot. vector . Vector perkins (formerly victor perkins) is the main antagonist of illumination'st feature film despicableme. he is the son of the president of the bank of evil, mr. perkins. he was voiced by jason segel.

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