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Vector the crocodile ( bekut za kurokodairu) is fictional anthropomorphic crocodile from the sonic the hedgehog series who debuted in knuckles' chaotix. vector is the current leader and head honcho of the chaotix detective agency which he founded with his close friends espio and. Vector the crocodile is new fastgrowing streetwear clothing brand. specialized in sweaters and tshirts for those with taste for fashion. vector is crocodile that likes good clothes and loves showing them to anyone who pes on his path. vector is happy , elegant and always hungry. be like vector, be hungry this shows off the evolution of vector the crocodile in the sonic the hedgehog games series. also some of the spinoffs and cameos in other games as well. subscribe to . the voices of vector the crocodile who is your favorite vector the crocodile voice? for more comparing the voices https//www.you/playlist?list=ple.

Vector the crocodile (. , bekut za kurokodairu) ist ein cleverer detektiv mit einer groen vorliebe fr geld und musik, der seinen ersten auftritt in knuckles' chaotix hatte. das vorlaute krokodil ist boss der chaotixdetektei, welche er mit seinen freunden espio und charmy. Vector the crocodile in sonic the hedgehog (aka vector in sonic ) is hack of sonic by epsi, starring vector the crocodile as the playable character instead of the blue hedgehog. the game . Vector the crocodile was one of the many sonic heroes to be introduced in s knuckles chaotix. while the game didnt get the hype it really deserved thanks to it be released on the . hi is me vector your favorite crocodile well some of them hehehe on this channel 'll be doing reaction, gameplays, and lots more so subscribe to my channe. Vector the crocodile is character that appears in the sonic boom television series. he is an anthropomorphic crocodile and professional detective with his own crime investigation reality show on seaside island'television network. vector'character draws some inspiration from duane.

Vector the crocodile. vector the crocodile (, bekut za kurokodairu) is crocodile who is the "head honcho" and brains of the chaotix detective agency. divided between being "bossy" and "easygoing," his rough speech and outward appearance mask his clear reasoning and ability to resolve cases.

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