Friday, February 26, 2016

Project Spotlight: Living Sky Foundation Earth Allegiance

Earth Allegiance Pledge  by Cherl Crews   Image by Horse and Hare   ©2016 Living Sky Foundation

After many months, we recently completed the above Earth Allegiance poster design for Living Sky Foundation. This is our second time working with LSF. The first project, you can see below, being a graphic for their pledge. We love working with organizations, businesses, and individuals whose mission and values align with our own.  In fact, that is what we strive only to do. And pretty much, as we have moved into doing more "commercial" work we've been lucky in that regard. Thank you to Cherl Crews for commissioning us for this project - another one under our belts that we are proud of.

The Earth Allegiance Block Print on hemp paper and is available through Living Sky, with a $25 membership or through our etsy shop Living Sky is a non-profit organization dedicated to the environment, wildlife and basically all living creatures. They have a big mission which you can read for yourself here. They help with community recycling efforts, gardening and beautification projects, and watershed protections... and they help support artists, writers and muscians - they even have an artist co-op called Sperryville Artist Cooperative in Sperryville, VA so go check them out! 

To read more about Living Sky please visit:

Pledge graphic by Horse and Hare ©2014 Living Sky Foundation 


  1. Yeaaa, if we could just go ahead and stop killing ,exploiting and eating all them fellow earthling creatures we're now pledging allegiance to , that'd be greaaat ��

  2. your stuff is amazing, I just found you on etsy, now following in everything I could find you guys ♥

  3. Many blessed thanks to Kerry and Neil for being such an exceptional artist team. It is a pleasure to collaborate with like minded individuals on creative and compassionate projects that benefit our communities.

    Living Sky

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