Monday, March 30, 2015

It's been awhile...

Let me just say, the last year has been a little crazy. Lot's of things have fallen to the wayside but I finally feel like we are getting our bearings again. A little over a year ago a space became available in our town of Winchester, VA. The Old Town Pedestrian Walking Mall is a quaint historic section and has been evolving over the last several years. I have grown to love this area and had been thinking about opening a shop or studio for awhile. SO, when the space became available, and with some encouragement by a close friend, I jumped on it. The picture above is from the day (my birthday I believe) we looked at it last January.

Not much later another friend of ours told us about a Craigslist listing for a letterpress. Well, we obviously had to jump on that too! The new space had/has a back add-on room (see dungeon below) which is perfect for a printing studio.

So...flash forward to a few months later, after an intense renovation, and we have Tin Top Art & Handmade!  Tin Top features all U.S. artists and crafters and is home to Horse & Hare Letterpress Studio (our workspace away from home). To see more pics from the renovation and keep up with us on Tin Top check out the Tin Top facebook page here. Or better yet, come see Tin Top and us in Winchester!


As we continue to grow this new business, and continue to get the swing of it, I hope to start devoting more time again to Horse and Hare. I feel like I've been neglecting our first child....actually it would be our second child; as our first real child needs attention too!

Thanks to all who have supported us over the years and continue to support us. We need all the help we can get!

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