Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Year of the Horse!

I know we're a little late wishing you a Happy New Year but since we haven't reached the Chinese New Year - Happy Year of the Horse! 

2013 was a good year. I've been thinking about the goals I had set for myself and H&H last year and it's funny I didn't list a lot of them I think out of fear or superstition. Here's my list from last year...

1. Go on more hikes
2. Work on art for a show in June (get work done in time!)
3. Re-design Horse & Hare blog
4. Re-design Horse & Hare Etsy Banner
5. Visit friends in NY
6. Visit my bestie
7. Spend more time with friends
8. Eat less dairy and meat
9. Learn to play a full song on the guitar
10. Learn to sing while I play the guitar
11. Take my daughter on a hot air balloon ride
12. Write at least once a week in my journal
13. Draw in my sketchbook at least once a week
14. Paint the studio/sewing room
15. Make the studio/sewing room work friendly
16. Send a piece of snail mail once a month
17. Get my ass to the yoga studio
18. Stop worrying about what others think of me and self-judging
19. Plant a bigger vegetable garden
20. Refinance the house - don't think this can happen   
21. Add a new product once a month to the Society6 shop
22. Cancel DirectTV as soon as Walking Dead is over
23. Write down my business plan
24. Don't take on too much (might be too late)
25. Write 10 more goals for 2013...

26. Blog more
27. Put together that press kit
28. Send samples to magazines
29. Do more art shows/fairs

So throwing caution to the wind, here are my top five big goals I'm sending out to the universe for 2014:

Double our sales from last year
Pay off our second mortgage and start on student loans
Be able to make our living entirely off of our art and freelance work by 2015
Build our Bottle Jack Press
Do even more art fairs and exhibits (already have a quite a few in the works)

A huge thank you to all of our supporters over the past year(s). We really can't do it without you and every new "like" or kind note from you really means a lot to us!

Wishing you all the best in 2014,
Kerry and Neil

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