Sunday, July 22, 2012

12 Years and Counting!

It's been a whopping 12 years (and one week) since Mr. Hare and I got hitched! To celebrate the occasion Neil and I spent last Sunday in DC looking at artwork. Our love of art (and of making art) is one of the things that brought us together and it is rare that we get to bum around museums anymore sans child, so this was very exciting for us.

First and fittingly we stopped at the Hirshhorn Museum to see this piece by Ai Weiwei Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads. I really loved these but I think it would be nice to see them in a more natural setting.  Nevertheless, it was one of my favorite things we saw all day. See some more pictures of the Zodiac Heads in various locations around the world here.

 After that we had some booze and omelets before heading to the National Portrait Gallery and The American Art Museum...

Here's Neil trying to stand like Mark Twain unsuccessfully.

A few Johns from the portrait gallery...

John Waters by Joseph Sheppard

And some favorites from the folk art section at the American Art Museum...

The Elephant Who Was Fond of Watermelon by John William ("Uncle Jack") Dey

Devil Jug by Robert Brown (far right) Not sure about the other two

And from one of my favorite artists...

Identification Manual by Larry Rivers

I could go on and on...there was much to see and we didn't cover it all so we'll have to go back another day. All in all it was great day and I look forward to many more like it with my fella. Here's to another 12 years!