Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Clean Out Contest!

We're cleaning out our print files! I know it's no Mega Millions but one lucky winner will win these four misfit cards shown above.  They are hand printed on brown craft cards measuring 4.5"x6.25" and are blank inside. Envelopes not included.

To enter leave a comment and contact info (i.e. email, twitter, blog or facebook). You must be a follower to enter. (see follow section at bottom of page)

For additional entries...

1. Tweet  "Just entered to win these cool cards from @horseandhare"
(must use exact tweet to count)
2. Follow us on facebook
3. Favorite our etsy shop

For each of these entries let me know in the comment section! Good Luck!

Giveaway ends April 8th at 11:59 p.m.


  1. You are amazing artists, and I'd love to win a free giveaway- you and Neil well your art makes our whole family smile! Let's see I'v bought three, Dare stole one -and has two up in her room , as I, because my mom stole the other.haahaa. All in the same house but it seems I am the only non stealer here..*)

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