Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011 in Review

2011 was bittersweet.  Uncannily so. We lost two people close to us but following each of those losses we experienced great happiness at the weddings of close (yet far away) friends and family members. Overall though, 2011 was a great year for us. Looking back at my blog posts I'm pretty proud and amazed at all we accomplished - big and small.

So here's my Top 5 from 2011:

Quit My Job   Went Part-time: Ok, so I didn't quit my job all together...reality kind of set in. But, I did manage to go part time and I'm a lot happier and saner now.

The Great Wall of Winchester Book Gallery:  By far this was our biggest accomplishment this year. I can't thank Andy & Jen enough for the opportunity. Not only did this project push us creatively and force us to work collaboratively but it brought us closer to the community and we made some great friends along the way.

Schoolhouse Craft:  Winning the trip to Seattle and the School House Craft conference was the biggest and best surprise of the year. I learned so much and met some really awesome people.

New School/New Hats: This was another surprise. I had kind of given up on finding an alternative school for my daughter but not only did our daughter start at a new wonderful school this year but Neil and I started teaching art there as well!

And all the rest...
I'm having a hard time picking a 5th thing! 2011 was a crazy year! I won a crystal trophy...we travelled a bunch...met some cool artists and a man name Deep Sea John...saw one of my best friends get married (and I got to be bridesmaid), swapped cookies, saw some good shows, ate some good food, made lots of art and made lots of new friends! So here's to an even better year ahead!
Happy New Year everyone!

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