Thursday, December 15, 2011

Making Christmas - Mason Jars Many Ways

Ah the ever versatile mason our house we use them on a daily basis. From canning, drinking out of them and storage to raising sea monsters we are constantly finding new ways to use them. Usually during the holidays I give homemade preserves or last year I did candied citrus peels in the jars and decorated them with some fabric and ribbon. 
Here are few other diy projects I found in my search for gift inspiration this year...

The Sewing Kit in Jar is one of my favorite ideas - I think I'm going to make one for myself. It's so simple and handy and really easy to make!  You can find the instructions on how to retrofit the cap with the pin cushion for a sewing kit in a jar on Martha Stewart's site here or if you need visuals instructables has an easy how-to as well.

 Christmas in a Bottle from A Subtle Revelry would be a fun DIY project to do with kids. You simply fill the jars with holiday treats and treasures and then decorate the jar. They sent them into the ocean but in lieu of that you could leave them on neighbors doorsteps or random public places to 
spread holiday cheer! 

What more does one need to get into the holiday spirit with but, well, spirits? 
If you don't have a moonshine still you may want to opt for an infused vodka like the above peppermint vodka. The vodka and lovely mason jar packaging ideas are from Delightfully Tacky.

For A LOT more wonderful ideas check out Tip Junkie here.
Have fun!

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