Friday, September 23, 2011

Dispatches from Seattle & The Schoolhouse Craft Conference

For some reason I've never really given much thought into Seattle. People have told me a little about it... that it's a great city but it's never had much of a draw for me. Most cities have something that it's known for and usually that something for Seattle is coffee and rain...not much of a tourist attraction. But after being here only a day this city has worked her understated charms on me. 

 Today's Schoolhouse Craft Conference did not disappoint. Everyone I've met has been so nice and we're all so eager to learn from one another! I can't wait for day two! I'm really tired and ready to conk out but I'd thought I'd share a few pics from today. I will be sure to share more details later on! 

Students make their own customized crafty name tags.

Schoolhouse Craft provided these lovely handmade journals by Ex Libris Anonymous

 Students in the Community Hall at the Phinney Neighborhood Center.

 View of Green Lake from the top floor of the center.

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