Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kit-T-Shirt Tuesday!

Today's T-Shirt Tuesday is brought to you by the letter K! As in Kitties!
I have to tell you...My friends Andy and Jen LOVE kitties...unlike my friend Amy that has the tendency to accidentally kill kitties...but that's a different story. SO...
If you are new to T-shirt Tuesday let me explain...I am my friend Andy's ambassador of t-shirts. Every week I make a selection for Andy to choose from and he picks out one to buy. Last week he picked the  Hug Life tee seen here by Mis Nopales Art (picture to come). Now...here's this week's contenders!

Sleazy Seagull also has fine selection of David Lynch, Charles Bukowski, 
Divine among other cult hero tees. 

because it's funny.

I don't know why robots would want kittens but apparently they are coming and they do indeed.
out of Ottawa, Canada

So true, so true
I FUCKING LOVE KITTENS is by Maybe So out of Minneapolis, MN and other than 
that I don't know what to tell ya about them because they don't have their profile filled out on their etsy shop but they made a nice t shirt and they also make wooden coasters with pictures of 
Stephen J. Hawking and LL Cool J on them. 

And last...from Paducah, Kentucky we have Kitty Cat Scooter by Gear Head Army.
This one may be a little too european for Andy but we'll see...


  1. cool! love the first shirt !

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