Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You, Me and Lucian Freud

This past week we were very sad to hear of the passing of the artist Lucian Freud.

A long time ago when the Hare and I were young art students and hadn't been living together for very long we were perusing a local book store and came upon this massive hardbound book of Lucian Freud's work. We had to have it. At this time, my mother, who was paying my rent, was unaware of us living together and Neil was paying me half the rent. We quickly decided that his half of the rent would go to the book. Later on we broke up and a had a little custody battle over the book but I won (ha ha). Eventually we got back together...I still joke that it was because Neil missed the book.

For those of you that have not heard of the artist see more here at artnet. And yes he was related to  the famous Sigmund Freud; he was his grandson.

"When I look at a body it gives me choice of what to put in a painting, what will suit me and what won't. There is a distinction between fact and truth. Truth has an element of revelation about it. If something is true, it does more than strike one as merely being so." - Lucian Freud

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