Thursday, July 28, 2011

The time is nigh!

  Homage to Richard Scarry

After months of gouging away at lino-blocks, printing, preparing, painting, building frames and more painting... we are almost done! By next Friday the pictures will be up! Can't wait to show you the finished display!

All of these, in small format, with the exception of the Sterns, will be available at the Horse & Hare Printshop come August 6th!


  1. How much would ya charge for a special order? Carson McCullers?

  2. Depends on size, if you want more than one color and if you want to keep the print block or if we can use it again. Usually like $60-$110. Email me at if you're interested! Thanks!

  3. these are totally awesome!! good luck with the shop opening

  4. These are really beautiful. I love seeing all the great work ya'll are doing. Totally inspiring.