Monday, July 25, 2011

New Prints!

Mr. Hare has finally released his latest tarot print! Isn't it great? He reminds me of Dumbledore. 

Be the first to get one at the Horse & Hare Shop!

The Magician is number 1 of the major arcana. He represents action, creativity, determination, self-confidence, initiative. Like in traditional decks, the Magician is holding a wand in his right hand pointed to the sky or heaven while he is pointing with left hand to earth; symbolizing the Magician's ability to bridge the gap between the two. Also each of the four tarot suits are shown representing the classical elements of earth, air, fire and water. 

To learn more about The Magician go here.

Also new at the Horse & Hare are these Sun & Moon woodblock prints again by Neil. These are the first woodblock prints he's done. Carving woodblocks is a lot harder than linocut carving but I think he did a great job. 

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