Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Playing catch up...

Neil the Hot Dog King

Greetings everyone! We have returned from the land of the hot dog king - Greenville, South Carolina. We ventured down there for my cousin's wedding which happened to be the same weekend as Artisphere; one of the country's top art festivals. We really enjoyed Greenville's thriving Main Street except I must say I didn't see a book or record store so someone needs to get on that. Artisphere was great and we got to meet some wonderful artists and since I didn't get to do Must See Monday yesterday here it is now...

Woodblocks by Kent Ambler

Woodblock Prints by Kent Ambler

We loved printer/painter Kent Ambler's work. Kent gave us much insight into his process , gave us recommendations on which festivals are good to show at and other great advice. We bought the above "Happy Boston" print and can't wait to add more of his work to our collection. Check out his website www.kentambler.net to see more of his work and to learn more about Kent and his woodcut process!

Next up... Dolan Geiman


By Dolan Geiman

Woodpecker by Dolan Geiman

Work by Dolan Geiman

I happened to find Dolan Geiman's etsy shop the night before we attended Artisphere and was happily surprised when I came upon his booth! Upon meeting him we found out that he's from the Shenandoah Valley near where we live.  He now lives in Chicago working on his mixed media creations and running Dolan Geiman Inc. with his wife Ali Marie. Dolan's work is deeply mired in his rural upbringing and this love of nature carries this through to his green business practices. Dolan and Ali Marie are truly inspiring!  Read more about Dolan here and visit his etsy shop here.

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  1. Beautiful art. I live in Charlotte and heard about Artisphere but couldn't make it down. My mother-in-law (a retired art history professor) went on Sunday and loved it).