Monday, April 11, 2011


1. Orange and Green, 2. Looking at the Past., 3. Napoleon Cerafino., 4. Con Alas, 5. El Jardin de Maria Julia. 2008, 6. Little Red Riding Hood (new version), 7. Mother Bird. (A new print), 8. Victorian Inspired Cameo Pendant, 9. Rain Girl :) (papercut), 10. New Miniature Book., 11. Red Hand, 12. Do Not Move. 2002, 13. Caminante14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

I've been meaning to devote a Must See Monday post to Cuban born artist Elsa Mora for awhile now. Her work is prolific, diverse, whimsical, delicate... and in a word lovely. From drawing, painting, paper cutting/paper sculpture, miniature books, jewelry, clothing to dolls...(I'm sure I'm leaving something out) it's enough to make a gal green with envy. Elsa has five blogs about the various mediums she works in, a personal blog and a personal style blog. As I've read more of her blog(s) I have found not only is she a magnificent artist but a truly wonderful and inspiring person.  Check out her etsy shop Elsita or visit her main blog here.


  1. Thanks a lot Kerry for this post!
    It's so nice the way you put all the pictures together in the mosaic.
    Your blog is beautiful :)

  2. Thanks for introducing it to us. I've never heard of her, but from what I now see, I really love it. She put so much thought and detail into her work. I can't wait to check her out next.