Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh Flannery

I pulled the first rough proof tonight of Flannery O'Connor. I think she's looking pretty good but has a bit of a five o'clock shadow and needs a shave. I've never attempted a linocut portrait so I'm surprised it came out as good as it did. Of course, I had a lot of guidance from Mr. Hare.
He was very patient with me so a big thank you to him! Let's just say I can be a little hard headed...

In other news...I sneaked in a little thrift-break this week and found these goodies. Pretty has a southwest design on it and the other has a map of Alaska. I also found some cute clip on ties and old children's books. It's been so gray and rainy I haven't been able to take proper photos of my stockpile of vintage items. Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to get them done and up in the shop!

Also, I'm excited to tell you I registered last night for the Indie Business 3.0 online workshop. I'm a little late to class but can't wait to get started! Wish me luck!


  1. beardy indeed... is that from too much pressure when printing, or just more material to remove?

  2. Yeah, I just need to carve out more linoleum

  3. Love your art and blog =) I'm a fellow indie biz. I put your badge on my blog.