Sunday, February 27, 2011

Special Announcement!

You don't have to live your life the way other people expect you to.

This past week I think I made either the stupidest or the smartest decision of my life. I'm thinking and hoping the latter. I put in my notice at my job!

Since about this time last year I started thinking about this and began goal setting. Some of these goals were met and some were not but either way it's time. There comes a point when personal happiness and sanity has to trump money and comfort. What I mean to say is that sometimes we have to make sacrifices and trade off certain things for the greater good. In the coming months I would be up for a significant raise but I still wouldn't be happy. I would still have to spend almost two hours on the road everyday and have the same amount of stresses if not more on the job, and just the general dislike for my job. This money might make us more comfortable and stable financially but is it worth the trade off?

So, after a year of being miserable and vocalizing this to Neil and then finally a couple of nights of breakdowns he finally consented for me to put in my notice. So, I did! I plan on putting all my energy into our etsy shops and also do freelance graphic design, photography and art commissions. We're both apprehensive and down right scared but I keep telling myself if it doesn't work out I can always go crawling back to my old company or try to find a job at another company.

BUT, I really don't want this happen so this is where you come in! I need your help! I need you to share Horse & Hare with your friends! Either by liking us on facebook, following me on twitter, sharing my etsy shop on social networking sites..whatever you can do to help. I'm open to do interviews for your blog or if you want to write about our work on your blog and need information please drop us a line at Also, I'm willing to return the favor!

LASTLY... Drop by the blog on March 1st! This month we are going to have weekly giveaways!


  1. Awesome! I wish you only bucket loads of success and an entire ocean full of happiness and personal fulfillment! You are more than welcome to guest post on my blog or I can write up a review or both...


  2. Good luck! I hope to do the same.......sometime soonish!

  3. Thank you Nicole! That would be awesome! I will write you soon!
    Thanks Brooke! Your illustrations are amazing by the way!