Saturday, February 12, 2011

here's what's cookin'...

This past week (or so) I...

Went on a lunchtime treasure hunt one day and came back with these...
I thought the mid-century Peruvian stainless steel and wooden handle teacups were so unusual I couldn't pass them up. I've been trying to find something similar online and find more information about these but I've come up dry so if anyone knows anything about them let me know!

I did my first dry point plexi-glass etching...Mr. Hare and I are still learning and working out the kinks...a lot of trial and error. I got him this little press for Christmas thinking we could use it for our lino cut prints but it's too small for many of Mr. Hare's blocks unfortunately.

And Mr. Hare worked on these new prints on various scraps we have around our house.


  1. love those drypoints!! where's you get that wee press??? I think I need it in my future!

  2. Thanks! I got it from Utrecht pretty cheap.