Monday, January 17, 2011


Last week was great...

Wednesday I stayed home and actually painted. It's been awhile. I put Harold & Maude on and worked on these. I like to have a movie on while I'm working for the background noise and because I get a little impatient waiting for the paint to dry. I find also that if you're working on something small it's good to have more than one going at a time to go back and forth between. Anyway, I had been thinking about doing some landscapes a couple weeks ago based on some photos I had taken on the way back from Tennessee. It was nice to get lost in the act of creating without any self-imposed or outside pressure or real purpose other than to just relax.

Any landscape is a condition of the spirit - Henri Frederic Amiel

I won an award at work! Crazy...I still don't believe it. It's the 2010 Award of Excellence for Outstanding Achievement. To be honest work was hell this past year...this almost made it worth it...almost. I am grateful though. Especially to my friend Meredith who really kept me going. It's always nice to have your hard work recognized by your peers.

Friday Night...
I saw Black Swan. It was good but seeing this beforehand kind of overshadowed it...

Saturday was the best though. My friend Noelle choreographed a birthday celebration for the both of us with Meredith and the icing on the cake was a surprise appearance by my friend Amy who flew in from Minnesota. Thanks gals! Love you!

me and amy

amy me noelle merry

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