Thursday, December 9, 2010

Making Christmas - Embroidery!

1. Wingardium Leviosa Embroidery Hoop Art, 2. Embroidery Swap - Patch #4, 3. Wig Wonderful Embroidery, 4. strawberry

I don't want to give away what I'm making for people this Christmas but a few of my friends will receive some embroidery pieces. The above are just some ideas...the bottom left strawberry I did last year for my mother in-law. If you've never embroidered before don't be's super easy. I would suggest getting a starter kit like this one from Sublime Stitching/Jenny Hart. There is also a very helpful how-to section on her site here. If you don't have the time or embroidering isn't up your alley there are a number of artists on etsy. A couple of my favorites are The Merriweather Council and Miniature Rhino...check em out!

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