Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Making Christmas Part 1

This Christmas, like so many before, we are making a lot of our gifts. I'll be sharing some of these ideas periodically until the big day. Most of these projects take little time (most only a couple hours) and you don't need to be a master crafter or artist to do them. This is what I think the holiday is all about it or what it should be about...taking the time to really put your heart and mind into making something for someone you love whether it be food, an ornament, mixed tape or whatever!

Not that we won't be purchasing stuff as well but we will be stepping up our support of fellow artists, crafters and independently owned businesses. We've done this for years but it's especially important now in terms of our country's economic recovery. This is something anyone can do to help boost the local and national economy...shop at local non-chain stores, buy handmade local or U.S. made goods either in your local community or online. And it's not just that....you're supporting individuals and getting unique items that you can't get just anywhere. Anyway..I'm stepping off my soapbox now...on with X-mas Craft Numero Uno...

Ruffly Hair Ribbon and other Hair Accessories...

This was my first holiday craft I made this year.(Inspired by my friend Amy.)
This is really easy. I used fabric and ribbon I had around the house! Here is the tutorial from heart of light


Ruffly Headband Tutorial

Here are some other ideas I found on flickr...

1. Poppy Brooch & Hair clips, 2. Pretty embroidered Ribbon Flower Hair Clip, 3. Peace and Hearts, 4. modern bean hair clip - kuru kuru turquoise

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