Thursday, September 16, 2010


Don't you just love it when that light bulb turns on in your head and something just clicks? I have been racking my brain for a title for my little photo show and it finally came to me last night. It seems so obvious now.

I'm very intrigued with the thought processes and methods of other artists and how through a series of events and influences they culminate into a work of art, a story, a I thought I'd share mine with you for this seemingly simple task of naming a group of photos. I will try to keep it brief!

So, last night I was brainstorming again and usually, like many people, when I'm creatively blocked I look to other artists, writers, musicians etc. for inspiration or I might employ some lateral thinking methods (e.g. using chance). I briefly looked through the Robert Frank book Moving Out and got some possibilities and then turned to the June '10 issue of Juxtapoz seeking a particular article about the photographer Peter Funch. I scanned over some of the titles of his photos and saw "Mass Transit". I started to think about the word "transit" and different forms of it. I also think about "keep going" - inspired by the Frank photo Hold Still - Keep Going. Then I think about what I don't want and what I do...I wanted a word that had more than one meaning...just one word and I don't want it to sound romantic or cliché...and I think of the place the photos are taken...the pedestrian walking mall. I must have thought about or said those three words a hundred times in the last several months. If it was a snake it would have bit me! Pedestrian - it not only describes much of the subject matter in two ways; a person who travels by foot and commonplace, but also how the photos were taken (on foot) and thirdly it's a little self-deprecating joke. So, all that...something I had been thinking about off and on for came down to a couple of minutes of internal debate and brainstorming just for a word, for a show.

"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources" - Albert Einstein

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