Monday, August 23, 2010

4 Simple Goals Update!

1) Passport - So far, so good. I have passport forms printed out. I just need to get them filled out and figure out a day when the three of us can go and get them notarized and what not. Of course, we also need to get our pictures taken too.

2) The basement is slowly coming along. I did not make it down there over the weekend because I've been sick and didn't think a dusty basement would really be good for me but I did tackle my third goal....

3) I took pictures of my friend Noelle! I decided to go simple. Noelle is, in a word, complex - many facets to her personality. So I just wanted her to show that, as I knew she would, rather than put her in an environment. Putting people at ease and drawing out their individual personality is one of the biggest challenges of portrait photography. I learned a lot - Noelle really pushed me to direct her and was very vocal about how she was feeling. What started off as direction, basically saying different adjectives, turned into conversation making both of us feel more at ease. A little wine helps too. I had a great time and can't wait until my next "friend portrait" photo shoot!

4) No song yet!

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