Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello ol' friend...

I know it's been awhile. I've been slacking. Actually, I haven't been other aspects of my life so that's why I've been MIA. My work life has been so hectic and draining...and quite honestly has put me in a depressive funk. But I'm trying to pull myself up by my bootstraps and persevere. I usually have a day off by myself - no kid, no man...just me. Mr. Hare doesn't have a problem working with other people around but although I can and do, I really prefer and work best by myself. But lately I haven't had that and as I said my work days have been so draining that I haven't had the energy for anything else really.

I did read Just Kids by Patti Smith though - her memoir about her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe. Not to sound cliche but it was lovely, heartwarming, mythical and of course I learned a lot about each of them. Mapplethorpe was an influence of mine in my early teens. I think my first exposure to his work was a day book calendar I contained mostly conservative portraits and flower pictures...and of course there was Patti. I didn't even really know who she was, I think I just knew she sung "Because the Night", but I remember just being really struck by the photo of her. Anyway, in an attempt to give a review I would say - Just Kids goes beyond artist memoir/autobiography. It's a love story in those most intimate sense and almost sounds too good to be true, like a work of fiction. Obviously the work of true poet and songwriter it's rhythmic, visual and true to Smith's voice.

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